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Ansprechpartner & Vertriebsgebiete

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Der Vertrieb von EILLES TEE in Europa erfolgt über unsere J.J. Darboven-Töchter und Partnerunternehmen, aufgeführt unter Kontaktdaten oder der Auswahl in der rechten Spalte.


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Customer Service

Telefon: 0049 40 73335-288
Telefax: 0049 40 73335-289

Product range

Tea Spa

Indulge yourself with the EILLES Tea Spa

Your guests will only settle for the very best, so let them experience the unique sensual delights of the Tea Spa organic loose teas collection by EILLES: teas that represent inner beauty and vitality. Alongside adequate sleep, the body’s main requirement is sufficient fluids. Ideally, these shouldn’t just give you energy and put a spring in your step, but should also refresh the senses. Our three delicious EILLES Tea Spa varieties are designed to meet these diverse requirements.


Download: BIO TEASPA

Product range

Tea jack

Loose leaf and broken tea in premium quality

The preparation of high quality loose tea can offer a great deal of pleasure. So far the handling has always been a bit tedious – therefore it hasn´t been used very often in the catering business. With our TEA JACK you are able to serve a selection of loose leaf – and broken teas at premium quality in a pot portion.


Download: TEA JACK

Product range


Luxury World Selection: discover 14 carefully selected teas, part of our Tea Diamond® range, in 20 pyramid- shaped tea bags individually wrapped in protective foil and stylishly presented in an elegant collapsible box. This selection of teas complies with HACCP standards and is therefore suitable for use in all areas of the hotel and food service industries. Its design is modern, yet stylish and elegant – making it the epitome of EILLES TEE.



Product range

Tea Diamond®

An unusual way to package the finest teas is the new pyramid-shaped tea bag from EILLES TEE. We call it the „serving revolution“.
The filigree weave gives leaf and broken tea the necessary room for maximum contact with the water. Ultimate development possibilities for exquisite tea pleasure. The Tea Diamond® is easy to use and drips less than conventional bags. It also looks quite elegant with its glossy, futuristic material.
The wrapped diamond is particularly suited for the self-service area, the breakfast buffet in restaurants, offered at the coffee shop counter, in the conference area of a hotel and as a tea collection in rooms, for preparation by the guest with a kettle. A small selection of 4 types thereby increases the pulse of every tea connoisseur. The perfect start to the day or a relaxing finish.



Product range

Tea To-Go

Usually time is short for preparing an excellent cup of tea. Breakfast, lunch or a tea-break increasingly happen on the way. High quality tea is a perfect add on for fast living people buying their food in bakeries, Coffee-Shops, confectionaries and hotels. Enabling you to offer your clients tea enjoyment as a Take Away we have got the solution: EILLES Handling is very easy. The tea bag is already integrated in the To-Go-lid. Each To Go Lid is sealed and single packed.
Just add hot water, remove the foil and attach the lid. After the steeping time the tea bag disappears in the lid so that your tea cannot steep anymore.
The noble tea assortment of leaf- and broken quality from the best known growing areas in the world are packed in stylish nylonbags. Ultimate development possibilities for exquisite tea pleasure. You will taste it.


Download: TEA TO-GO

Product range

Teabags wrapped in paper

For conferences, breakfast and self-service areas a large and fine selection of teas is requested. Our teabags, are practical and hygienic and keep the tea flavouring fresh. True to our philosophy“ EILLES TEA – for the highest expectations“, our teabags are of premium quality for both experts and gourmets.
We offer an exciting and diversified range of teas, CLASSIC TEA, SPECIAL TEA, as well as Fairtrade certified teas.
International customers also have easy access to their favourite teas since our packages have information and instructions in 9 languages. For our ecological awareness we have renounced of metal brackets. Altogether that means a complete delight from the plant into the cup!



Product range

Teabags individually wrapped in flavour safe foil

The flavour safe foil retains the fine aroma of our select teas and protect against external odours. The protective packaging is particularly suited for use at breakfast, in restaurants and at formal dinners, not to mention self-service environments and in hotel rooms – so that guests can make themselves a delicious cup of tea whenever the mood takes them.



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